Ecological Footprint Report 2019

Catena is an impact seeking company. Through our services we assist companies and investors in realizing their sustainability goals. We not only provide those services for others, we invest in a clean future ourselves as well. Catena has build a portfolio of clean energy assets over the years which more than offsets our entire group’s carbon footprint. Hereby, we proudly present the main features of our Ecological Footprint Report 2019.

Ecological Footprint
Ecological footprint (or carbon footprint) is a carbon profit and loss (P&L) statement; an overview of the impact of all core activities and investments on the environment. The carbon P&L statement states the avoided carbon emissions, CO2 profit, and the emitted carbon, CO2 loss. In measuring this carbon footprint we follow the protocols as dictated by the Green House Gas (GHG) protocols.

Our public funding operations are aligned with ICMA Green Bond Principals (GBP). By adopting these principles our Green Bond Framework:

  • ensures that the use of proceeds aligns with our long term strategy and the ICMA GBP;
  • provides a general framework in which owned and managed portfolios will be selected and evaluated and the use of proceeds are aligned with the eligible categories under the GBP;
  • defines reporting requirements for transparency towards all our stakeholders.

Through our work we aim to advance, among others, the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

Investment Portfolio Composition
This section only considers the direct impact from our investments, and not the impact by advising companies realizing their sustainability goals. Catena’s portfolio of clean energy assets produces and saves energy. The figure below shows the amount of capital invested in assets that produce and save energy, and states a breakdown of the specific assets. Data as per 31 December 2019, excluding pipeline.

Catena’s production portfolio consists of 22% wind and 78% solar, and Catena’s savings portfolio consists of 95% industrial leasing and 5% green data warehouses.

The geographical impact of Catena is illustrated in the figure below:
Our Ecological Footprint
Catena’s ecological footprint is shown in the figure below. Data as per 31 December 2019, excluding pipeline.

Through active investments Catena realized an annual reduction, for the year 2019, of 6.032 ton CO2. Catena realized a carbon profit; the goal is to continue this annual reduction and to enlarge the positive impact by increasing our portfolio in the foreseeable future.

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