Catena Investments

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Mitigate Risks

Current disruptive times have a big social impact, both personal and business wise. The government has responded very promptly with a wide range of (fiscal) measures and support schemes. Especially now, it is important for companies to act adequately. We are ready to assist you.

INRiSC, an initiative from Catena Investments, can be used as a quick scan tool to assist SMEs in assessing the impact on the ongoing business for the short and medium term and the corresponding financing needs.

Positive Impact

We are a innovative investment management firm with a focus on challenging financial advisory projects and complex transactions in the sustainability sector. Making positive impact is our driving force.

Added Value

We create value by offering corporate finance, investment management and public advisory services. We facilitate our clients with realising their goals and objectives.

Entrepreneurial Team

Our clients benefit from our creativity, in-depth sector knowledge and financial expertise. We are hands on, dedicated and support our clients in transitional projects and complex situations.


Solar Energy

Generate clean energy and thereby reduce the CO2-footprint

Wind Energy

Generate clean energy and thereby reduce the CO2-footprint

District Heating

Realise heat infrastructure for geothermal and residual heat serving as an alternative for gas

Light as a Service

Reducing energy costs through use of LED-lighting in the industrial sector