Smart. Green. Capital.

Solar Energy

Generate clean energy and thereby reduce the CO2-footprint

Forestry Industry

Contribute to the environment by facilitating growth and yield of forestry plantations as well as re-forestation projects

Wind Energy

Generate clean energy and thereby reduce the CO2-footprint

Hybrid Solar Energy

Encourage the development of alternative clean energy sources like Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT)

Light as a Service

Reducing energy costs through use of LED-lighting in the industrial sector

District Heating

Realise heat infrastructure for geothermal and residual heat serving as an alternative for gas

Energy Innovation Fund

Accelerate energy transition

Food Tech Innovation

Accelerate sustainable innovations in food tech sector

Circular Industry

Transition of chemical and industry clusters in reusing waste streams as an alternative energy source

Circular Real Estate

Realise circular real estate that has the ability to adjust in a changing world

Sustainable Data Centers

Realizing energy efficiency by promoting innovation in (energy) technology and industrial processes

Emerging Market Financing

Realize energy neutral transition and an economy that is more inclusive by promoting renewable and clean energy sources